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Industrial washing

Simplex 100-120

Cleaning devices

Cleaning device on order Stabil Inox


Liquids and replacement system

Rivets and riveting tools

Rivets and riveting tools

Our products

We focused on selling rivets and riveting tools and equipping of workshops and garages. The company headquarters is situated in Bohumín, Czech Republic. There is also the main warehouse and the shop of rivets and riveting tools at the same time. The branch is in Blučina u Brna. More info can be found in our profile.

Ïndustrial washing machine Simplex 100/120

Industrial washing including liquids

Industrial washing is a system that washes automatically small and medium sized mechanical parts. Washing is carried out by means of the upper, lower and side jets, the basket slow rotation is ensured via a gearmotor.

Current models are equipped with a new digital control system DGT, which improves and enhances their performance. In our sortiment you can find these models: Simplex, Atom and Lavapen.

For all types of industrial washing machines we also offer a wide range of TOREN liquids (CZ).


Parts cleaning devices including liquids and their replecement

myci stul inoxLiquids and their replecementEcological parts cleaning devices for cold hand washing suited for industrial use, garages and workshops.

Closed circulation of degreasing agent is a great advantage of these devices. Degreasing agents have a high degreasing ability and long lifetime. When degreasing agent is grease saturated, our company provides withdrawal and disposal of originated waste as well as delivery of a new degreasing agent.

Currently QTS-nýty company delivers six types of liquids for manual cold washing without rinsing. All types of liquids are mainly used for washing and degreasing tables

We also offer parts cleaning devices on order. These hand parts cleaning devices are made according to customer requirements.

Rivets and riveting tools

Rivets and riveting tools

Blind rivets

Blind rivets are mainly used when access to the joint is only available from one side. We offer more than two thousand standard type sof rivets - diameters 2,4 – 8 mm.

Rivet nuts

Rivet nuts internally threaded that can be anchored entirely from one side.

Riveting tools

We offer a wide range of blind rivets, rivet nuts and riveting tools.


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