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rotorImmersion parts washer for small metal products and mechanical components with a hermetically sealed cycle.

The basket is inserted either manually or automatically into the basket holder drum. The treatment cycle is fully automatic and can be configured through the PLC with touchscreen display. The type of rotation, continuous or tilting, can be defined for each stage. 

Hot air drying with blower and heating elements is included. Drying can also be boosted by using a vacuum system. Cleaning and rinsing by: spraying, immersion, ultrasonic immersion.


ModelBasketTankBarrel capacity
1B S | M 50 kg 480 kg 150 lt
2B S | M 80 kg 890 kg 470 lt
  • Maximum temperature setting 80°C
  • Supply voltage - 400V 3 PH +N +T 50 HZ





 Technical data

Technical dataROTOR SROTOR M
Overall dimensions ( L x P x H )  140 x 220 x 220 cm  180 x 260 x 220 cm
Standard basket dimensions ( L x P x H )  45 x 30 x 18 cm  75 x 50 x 30 cm
Max. basket dimensions ( L x P x H )  45 x 30 x 30 cm  75 x 50 x 50 cm
Loading capacity  50 kg  80 Kg
Capacity of each tank  480 l  890 l
Barrel capacity  150 l  470 l
Standard pump  1,5 kw 2,5 bar 200 l/min  3 kw 2,5 bar 400 l/min
High-pressure pump (bath 1)  4,0 kw 6 bar 300 l/min  5,5 kw 5 bar 400 l/min
Mechanical rotation  0,18 kw  0,18 kw
Disc oil separator  0,09 kw  0,09 kw
Emptying pump  0,37 kw  0,37 kw
Drying  4,5 kw  4,5 kw
Heating of each tank  16 kw  30 kw
Ultrasound  1500 W  4500W
Power Supply  3Ph + N + PE  3Ph + N + PE
Supply voltage  400V 50 HZ  400V 50 HZ


Rotor parts washers are used for small and medium-sized parts washing when the parts features and the washing requirements demand a washing immersed in full water. Parts are placed in a rectangular basket in stainless steel net that operators insert into the washing chamber where all treatment phases are performed. The automatic process starts after the watertight closing of the front pneumatic door. A gear motor slowly turns the basket during the washing through a touchscreen switchboard that enables the speed and rotation mode settings: in continuous or tilting mode. All working phases can be easily set in each of the 16 programs: spray washing, immersed in water washing, compressed air blowing, and hot drying. The parts washer can be designed thanks to many accessories available in order to wash highly difficult parts: by intermediate or final rinsing cycles, and vacuum drying or by ultrasonic emitters for a better detergent effect.

For a high productivity the machine can be supplied with a front roller conveyor for manual handling or automatic motorized loader of baskets. The Rotor versatility can make these parts washers an essential part in the robotic isles with parts loading and unloading directly from anthropomorphic robots.


What is included in each ROTOR
  • Full access to the back of the machine via three doors (on the right, left and back) for an easy maintenance
  • Pneumatic door opening and closing with 4 cylinders
  • Hot air drying with side channel blower and resistors
  • Standard parts holder box made of Stainless steel AISI 304 mesh, included
  • Total insulation in Stainless steel to reduce costs
  • Tank liquid maximum level control and solenoid valve for automatic water intake
  • Minimum level control
  • Colour 7'' touchscreen display for settings and programs.
  • Electric pump in stainless steel with special gaskets
  • Compressed air blowing solenoid valve
  • Box filter with 6 cap filters in Stainless steel AISI 304 for pre-filtering the liquid returning to the tank
  • Filter in stainless steel AISI 304 on the pump suction
  • Safety limit switch on the door opening
  • Variable speed, inverter-driven, basket rotation gear motor
  • Software-regulated basket tilt angle, analogue reading of angle from 0 to 360°
  • Liquid heating with electric resistor in stainless steel
  • Structure and plates in STAINLESS steel AISI 304
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 washing pipes with laser perforated nozzles
  • Retention tank with drip-catcher in Stainless steel AISI 304


What can be added as an accessory
  • Vacuum drying
  • Additional parts holder box
  • Centrifugal steam condenser
  • Automatic liquid detergent dispenser
  • Fein mesh box filter
  • Bag filter mounted on the pump delivery pipe in Stainless steel
  • PLC Siemens S1200 - HMI touchscreen Siemens KTP700
  • High pressure washing pump
  • Circulating pump from rinsing to washing tank
  • Tank emptying pump
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